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If the musk glands are removed, young Striped Skunks make friendly pets. Thousands of homes in the USA keep Skunks of various species, but not all states allow them to be kept. Even in the states where it is legal, if there is a question of rabies, the Skunk will be killed, because it bites while playing. The main reason for this is that there is no Skunk rabies vaccine and no quarantine period set up for skunks.

The removal of Skunks from the wild isn't sanctioned, because there is no way to ensure that the Striped Skunk has not been exposed to rabies. Domestic Striped Skunks should be obtained from reputable breeders. Domestic Skunks can come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Striped Skunks - Management

Wild Striped Skunks are "sanitation engineers". They rid their territory of rats, mice, cockroaches, garden pests, poisonous animals (rattlesnakes, black widow spider, scorpions), and road carrion that spreads diseases.

Little habitat management occurs for Striped Skunks. Practices aimed at improving conditions of other animals are good for Skunks as well. Soil conservation provides food for them. "No-till" technique instead of plowing benefits wildlife in general and Striped Skunks in particular by leaving stalks, leaves and waste grains in the field.

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