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Striped Skunks can be called gregarious animals. The females share territories and even dens. Skunks are crepuscular animals (coming out at dawn and dusk), during late summer and early fall; skunks may be seen during the day because the young explore the new world.

The Striped Skunk doesn't hibernate, but becomes temporarily dormant in severe winter frosts. The Striped Skunk usually finds a den that was abandoned by other animals or digs its own den. Sometimes it lives in a hollow log, crevice, or even the space beneath a building. Skunks drag dried leaves and grass into the den to make a mat. In winter they make a ball of grass and push it into the door to keep the cold wind out.

Striped Skunk - Reproduction

Striped Skunks mate February throughout April. Implantation delay is about 19 days; total gestation time is 62-66 days. In May 4-7 blind, toothless, skinny babies are born. In 3 weeks they open the eyes and acquire the same coloration as the parents. Young Skunks are weaned at 6-7 weeks until they develop the scent. Females take them out to hunt and protect fiercely. By fall the young are ready to live on their own.

Striped Skunk - Diet

Striped Skunks are omnivores. In summer they feed on various insects and grubs (grasshoppers, beetles, bee larvae), small mammals, the eggs of ground-nesting birds and amphibians. Skunks are especially fond of spiders, snails, ants, wasps, and crayfish. In season they eat fruits and berries: cherries, raspberries, strawberries, apples and pears. Also Striped Skunks scavenge on the road-kill.

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